Italian SME Lending (secured and unsecured)

The pie charts display the distribution of reported loans by borrower industry (NACE Code) for Tier 1, 2 and 3 Italian banks. The bar charts shows the performances of borrower industries using as a proxy the delinquency amounts (in % on total originated loan amount).

Unicredit SPA

Total originated = EUR 16,370,888,919.01

Total number of loans = 111,406

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Intesa San Paolo SPA

Total originated = EUR 12,572,233,472.47

Total number of loans = 84,396

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Total originated = EUR 4,525,410,456.67

Total number of loans = 64,090

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Monte dei Paschi di Siena SPA

Total originated = EUR 7,517,401,960.01

Total number of loans = 64,771

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Banca Carige

Total originated = EUR 1,538,815,838.23

Total number of loans = 18,215

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Banca Valsabina

Total originated = EUR 1,786,542,124.74

Total number of loans = 10,635

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Total originated = EUR 482,053,439.20

Total number of loans = 2,710

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Banca Cividale

Total originated = EUR 496,351,288.17

Total number of loans = 3,361

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