Building deeploans LLM-plugin… 

According to The Economist, the OpenAI drama may end up making the industry more dynamic. Roughly one million developers are building on top of OpenAI. Who knows how many startups are telling their investors “to not worry” and that OpenAI weird governance is not going to be a killer for them?  OpenAI is the company … Read more

“AI Market Models”

We have been thinking a lot about strategic positioning in the last three quarters amid the “hype” that followed Microsoft’s sizable investment in Open AI. Leaving aside the competitors for the moment (which would require a dedicated post) we have studied three “AI market models”: two come from VCs and one from a top-tier consulting … Read more

Algoritmica goes live with the Looker-Deeploans integration

Berlin, 17th October 2023: Algoritmica and Spaulding Ridge teamed up to integrate Looker with Deeploans, Algoritmica’s AI-based loan data processing software. Algoritmica provides lenders, investors and financial service providers with AI-based solutions for cleaning, enriching and consuming loan data. While there are already established solution providers for the public markets, this is not true for … Read more

Algoritmica joins “Google for Startups Cloud Program”

Berlin, 21st March 2023: Algoritmica is thrilled to announce that it has been selected for the “Google for Startups Cloud Program”. The resources (startup experts, cloud cost coverage, technical training and business support) will be used to launch a new AI-powered data and analytics platform for private credit market participants. For financial institutions to harness … Read more

Explainability hurdles surrounding the application of neural networks in credit risk

Widespread adoption of deep learning models in highly regulated fields such as medicine and finance has been stalled by the lack of explainability. In fact, the high nonlinearity and complex mathematics of these “black box” models are an obstacle for financial institutions, who need to comply with rigorous regulatory standards. Algoritmica’s aim is to provide … Read more

Takeaways from Edinburgh’s Credit Scoring and Credit Control XVI conference

Last week I took part in the Credit Scoring and Credit Control XVI conference in Edinburgh. The conference is known to be Europe’s premier convention for credit scoring and related topics and is one of the most important credit conferences in the world.  More than 450 participants from 45 countries took part this year. The … Read more